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Designation Process Flowcharts

Designation Process

The steps to designate a heritage property are simple:

Interested property owners submit a letter to the Committee stating their interest in having their property designated;

Once the property has been evaluated and accepted for designation by the Committee, they will make a recommendation to Town Council. Attached to this letter will be an Owner Consent form, a location map of the property, and an Inventory form (all of which we will provide);

During a monthly public meeting, Council will recommend that the property become part of the Truro Registry of Heritage Properties. A notice would be sent for this meeting and of Council's intent to designate your property.

Once Council approves the designation, it takes about 30 days to complete the process. The owner will receive a copy of a Notice of Registration at the time. A copy is also filed at the Registry of Deeds, and the original is kept on file by the Town.

There is no cost to you for this process.

Are There Restrictions with Designation?

Yes. Any changes to the exterior of your building must receive approval from the Committee. A written request must be received prior to any work being started. Also, any structural changes will require that the proper permits be obtained.

Please note that this designation continues with the property even if it is sold or transferred to someone else.

Can A Property be Deregistered?

Yes. A formal request can be made to Town Council by the property owner, which is then reviewed at a Public Meeting with input from the Committee. Council would then make a decision on the request.


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