By-Law Complaints

Truro By-law Enforcement is determined to ensure that all citizens of Truro enjoy a high quality of life. By working with our residents and businesses in a professional and unbiased approach, the By-law Officer is committed to raising awareness about our Town’s By-Laws and community standards and resolving by-law infractions in a timely and fair manner.

The By-law Enforcement Officer ensures compliance and investigates complaints from the public on By-law infractions to Municipal By-laws such as: Minimum Building and Housing Maintenance Standards By-law, Smoking By-law, Dog By-law (off leash), Noise By-law, Taxi By-law, Sidewalk By-law, etc.

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Town of Truro Public Works crews work each year to minimize road damage, especially after harsh winter conditions. Unfortunately potholes can develop faster than repairs can be made. The Courts have determined that the Town of Truro cannot be found liable for damages caused by a pothole or displaced cover (e.g. manhole cover, valve cover) unless negligence is proven. The Town can only be found negligent if it knew of the issue and failed to inspect and commence repairs or determine a course of action in a timely manner.

Please drive with care and caution to avoid damage to your vehicle.


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