The Town of Truro has a significant and distinctive collection of 19th and early 20th century buildings depicting Victorian and vernacular architecture. The Town recognizes the importance of preserving its local character and culture, built heritage and sense of place are among its top priorities.

Every year, the Heritage Advisory Committee seeks nominations for, and awards a property with, the Town of Truro Robert Hilchey Memorial Heritage Award . This award has been established to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate conservation and harmonious development with the Town of Truro that is reflective of the Town’s natural and built heritage.

This year we are asking for your help to select the property to receive the Town of Truro’s Robert Hilchey Memorial Heritage Award.

Property #1
150 Brunswick St

This 2-storey home was built in 1920 and, over the years, has been renovated to include three dwelling units. This stately property retains its outward appearance of a single-family home and has recently received an exterior facelift to include new paint and trim.

Property #2
140 Dominion Street 

Dominion House was initially built in 1898 as a ship's captain's house. In the 1950’s it was purchased for use as a convent. The nuns lived in the house until the late 1990s, after which, it was used as a rooming house until 2015 and remained vacant until it was purchased in 2019. 

The new owners completely renovated the building and created seven dwelling units within. Extensive upgrades were completed, and each unit is unique in layout and finishes blending heritage features with modern conveniences.

Property #3
1 Commercial St

Robert Smith & Co. is a three-storey wood-frame building located at l Commercial Street in Truro, NS, at the intersection with Queen Street.

Robert Smith & Co. is valued for its association with Robert S. Smith, who bought this site in 1856 and built a large general store, selling "dry goods, general hardware, groceries, drugs, and medicines." The original building was destroyed by fire in 1861 and rebuilt immediately afterward. The building is also valued for its association with Richard J. Turner, who purchased the building in 1888 and in whose family the business remained until 1941. In that year (1888), Turner leased space in the building for Truro's first telephone exchange, providing local service to 55 telephones and long-distance connection to Halifax.

Robert Smith & Co. is valued as one of the last of the Late Victorian storefronts that characterized much of the town’s business district for the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The building was restored from old photos in the 1970s but used more modem materials.


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