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The Truro Deer Management Working Group continues their work on an implementation planrelated to the Controlled Managed Hunt, as outlined in the Town’s Deer Management Strategy.At this time, it is expected that a Controlled Managed Hunt may take place in the Winter 2021/2022.

The Deer Management Working Group, which formed in March 2021, had been working toformulate a Deer Management Strategy for the Town from March – September, 2021. The Draft Deer Management Strategy was approved by Truro Town Council at the public council meetingin September, 2021. A final version has been created for public distribution and is available on the Town’s website.

The approved Deer Management Strategy sets overall goals for mitigating deer-human conflicts and highlights all elements of deer management throughout the Town. This includes management options at the individual level, in order to reduce conflicts to individual properties, public education options, as well as population reduction options. While individuals will be encouraged to focus on implementations on their own individual properties, the Town will focus on public education and population reductions measures (with oversight and guidance from Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables).

As outlined in the Deer Management Strategy, one of the most favourable population reduction methods, in terms of effectiveness, feasibility, public cost, capacity and time to implement, was a Controlled Managed Hunt. A Controlled Managed Hunt differs from the Town’s previous Watershed Hunts significantly. At this time the Deer Management Working Group is working to put together a full implementation plan for a Controlled Managed Hunt to take place safely and effectively with inthe Town of Truro. Public safety throughout the hunt program is of utmost importance and therefore, there are a number of considerations and protocols that need to be establish before any hunt can occur. The Working Group is hopeful to have all elements of the implementationplan established for a Controlled Managed Hunt to occur at some point during the Winter of 2021/2022.

The Working Group is also working with Feed Nova Scotia to have all deer harvested through this program to be donated to food banks throughout Nova Scotia. It is estimated that the average deer will provide 216 servings of protein to families in need, across Nova Scotia. The Working Group is also working with Millbrook First Nation on the implementation plan, and it is expected that all hides will be donated to Millbrook First Nation. It is important to the Working Group that the program operate on a little waste as possible.

For more information on the Deer Management Strategy and the efforts of the Working Group,residents are encouraged to visit to click on the image below.

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