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Energy and Facility Renewal ProjectBeginning in 2019, the Town of Truro engaged Honeywell to provide a review of Town-owned buildings and the Town of Truro Energy and Facility Renewal project was developed and approved. Completed in 2022, this project has seen several upgrades to Town-owned facilities, which help to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and helps to address issues of deferred maintenance. This project also included improvements to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, a cost-shared project with the Municipality of the County of Colchester.

Truro Town Council supports reducing the Town’s impact on climate change and is committed to reducing the Town’s carbon footprint. In 2021, the Town became a member of the Partners for Climate Protection Program through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This program has over 500 members nationally.

The upgrades completed at Town-owned facilities will positively impact the environment and reduce CO2 emissions by 452 tonnes per year, the equivalent of removing 153 vehicles from the road.

While the total project cost to the Town of Truro was approximately $2 million, the projects are turn-key with verified savings that are guaranteed to cover the cost of the improvements over the life of the upgrades. A portion of the project was funded through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund – Community Building Retro Fit Initiative.