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Capital Planning and Construction

The Public Works Operations and Maintenance Performance Standards is a structured system to set attainable goals for inspecting and maintaining all public works infrastructure. Asset defects, for example, potholes, are noted and prioritized for repair based on risk and severity and scheduled for completion per stated repair time frames in the performance standards. In addition to the internal inspection and reporting system, the program will continue to be supplemented by customer service requests (CSR’s). CSR’s are an important part of the reporting system and all CSR’s will receive an immediate notification response and an estimated repair timeline response within 3 days.

Although Public Works staff shall make every effort to meet the Operations and Maintenance Performance Standards goals, there will be times when seasonal conditions, unsuitable weather, or other factors limit the ability to meet the desired repair timelines.

pdf Town of Truro Public Works Operations and Maintenance Standards (1.64 MB)

Public Works Pavement Management System

The Public Works Pavement Management System ( pdf Pavement Management System (488 KB) ) is a hybrid system of traditional Pavement Condition Index (PCI) evaluations and leading-edge data collection and calculation software known as Total Pave. Total Pave was developed by University of New Brunswick Engineering Grad Students to analyze PCI data on a street-by-street basis to create a robust rating system of municipal streets.

The Pavement Management System then weights the Total Pave Results with the traffic volumes on Truro streets based on the  pdf Transportation Street Classification hierarchy (1.13 MB) , resulting in weighted PCI’s. This often results in streets with higher traffic volumes having a higher priority than low volumes streets with worse conditions, as the higher volume streets condition will degrade much faster.

Town of Truro Street Ratings and Capital Budget

The pdf Town of Truro Street Ratings (301 KB)  is a compilation of the Weighted PCI’s sorted from lowest PCI (worst condition) to highest PCI (best condition). Each year the PCI’s are updated in the Total Pave software and new ratings are created, which are then used to assist with the street capital budget process.

The Street Ratings guide in the capital budget process, along with other factors that need to be considered. Other factors include the type of asphalt defect requiring repair, the sub-base condition of each street, the condition of other infrastructure (sewer, water, storm drainage) on each street, annual degradation of PCI, and budget availability to determine annual budget priority and rehabilitation options for each street.

Each year, the Town makes a significant investment in capital replacements of our public works infrastructure (streets, curbs, sidewalks, and sewer systems). To obtain the best value for the capital budget, many other factors are also considered, along with the street ratings, to determine which streets are paved each year. 

Below is the link to the Capital Works Project Schedule for 2023-24. 

pdf Public Works Capital Works Schedule 2023-24 (41 KB)

Public Works Capital Schedule 2023 24