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Skyler Blackie Fit to be a Hero

In March 2019, Truro lost Skyler Blackie, a community asset and an extremely passionate firefighter. To honour the late Skyler Blackie, an obstacle race was created in his memory, combining his love of fitness, Victoria Park, and Truro.

The Skyler Blackie Fit to Be a Hero Challenge is a chip-timed 5 km adventure race with challenging obstacles (stairs, walls, tires, hills, and lots more). The challenge takes place in Victoria Park and incorporates the historic landscape of the park, including Jacob's Ladder.

There are two categories:

Elite Challenge

You're an elite athlete if you're competing to win and race against the best of the best! Elite racers will adhere strictly to the race rules and guidelines or risk disqualification. Racers should be prepared for challenging obstacles throughout the race as well as unexpected "Skyler Stops" for some extra burpees! 

Open Category

The open category is for everyone, period. All are welcome here. Open racers will get outside their comfort zone and test their limits. These racers will experience the amazing rush of the finish line without the added pressure of perfection.

More information to come for the 2023 event.