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Active TransportationThe Town of Truro is home to a powerful cultural heritage and landscape and a very active community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Founded in a rich industrial and rail heritage that heavily influences the cultural footprint of the town, Truro is exploring alternative and active approaches to moving around the town for recreation, outdoor adventure, shopping, work, social gathering and any other reason residents have to commute.

Expanding street or trail networks to support multi-modal and multi-generational connectivity will have significant impacts on resident health through the creation of town-wide lifestyle infrastructure.

The pdf Town of Truro Active Transportation Master Plan (20.71 MB) explores the benefits of a network and the network required to achieve these benefits.

Planning for Implementation 

Through 2024-25, the Town of Truro will be working on an Implementation Plan for the Town's Active Transportation Plan. The Implementation Plan will be a starting point for the next phase of development of the AT network. The Implementation Plan will:

  • study design considerations, key routes, intersections, required and traffic crossings,
  • investigate and make recommendations on the condition and quality of sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, and other required infrastructure elements,
  • observe traffic flows, interactions between different modes of transportation, and address and potential safety concerns,
  • and establish the feasibility of the Wabanaki Trail, as the proposed trail follows rail corridors and crosses rail lines.