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Truro’s Community Plan is an integrated plan which includes the Community Sustainability Plan, the Municipal Planning Strategy, and the Land Use Bylaw. Truro’s Community Sustainability Plan deals with community values and priorities. It presents action opportunities on issues informed by the Truro, Let’s Connect findings. Truro’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law have more specific content, primarily relating to property development, and are governed in scope by the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act.

The Town of Truro aspires to be a just and vibrant community with a thriving economy and sustainable environment. Sixteen Community Goals have been developed from the Truro, Let’s Connect engagement project to reflect how residents want Truro to realize this vision. The Community Goals form the framework for policies and strategic priorities of the 2023 Town of Truro Community Plan.

A full copy of the Town's Community Plan is available here: Truro's Community Plan

The Community Plan was approved by Truro Town Council in November 2023 and the Province of Nova Scotia in December 2023. The Plan was effective as of January 11, 2024. 

Let's Connect - Public Engagement Campaign

Truro Lets Connect Community PlanIn August, 2021 the Town of Truro launched the Truro, Let’s Connect survey and public engagement campaign to kick off the process of updating the Town’s Community Plan. The campaign focused on 10 themes and 22 questions related to Truro’s key issues, challenges, strategies, and opportunities for growth. .

All responses and feedback were then compiled into the Truro Let’s Connect, Findings Report. This report presents the aggregate data from all of the public engagement efforts. The report also describes other promotional strategies that were used and additional ways the community was engaged.

The full Truro Let’s Connect, Findings Report can be found by clicking this link, Truro Let’s Connect Findings Report.

This report helped guide and provide input to create the new Community Plan for Truro.