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Housing and Homelessness

The Town of Truro is actively working to address housing for all in Truro.

While the Province of Nova Scotia is responsible for housing and homelessness in all of Nova Scotia’s municipalities, the Town of Truro has authority over development and is actively working to develop policies to enhance affordable housing options in Truro.

The Province of Nova Scotia has the responsibility to provide:
• Public housing and programs for people with low to modest income.
• Affordable housing throughout the province, including housing options for those experiencing homelessness.

As housing insecurity continues to be an issue in Truro, work with community partners and other levels of government has accelerated, and collaboration has expanded.

In 2021, the Town of Truro and several community partners conducted a Housing Needs Assessment Report for the Truro-Colchester area. A copy of the report is available here:  pdf Truro Colchester Housing Needs Assessment Report (6.28 MB)

In 2023, the Province of Nova Scotia released the Provincial Housing Needs Assessment Report. A copy of that report is found here:  pdf Provincial Housing Needs Assessment Report (2.46 MB)

As part of the Provincial Housing Needs Assessment Report study, a report Municipal Housing Needs Report for the Town of Truro was issued to the Town of Truro under an embargoed status. In the Fall 2023, the Town of Truro received approval that the report could be shared publically. A copy of the Municipal Housing Needs Report is found here:  pdf Municipal Housing Needs Assessment - Town of Truro (1.14 MB)

Town Council Public Statement – January 5: Town of Truro- Public Statement- Housing and Homelessness