The following lands and properties will be sold at Public Auction for arrears of taxes on September 24th, 2019 at the hour of 10.00am (doors open at 9am), unless before the date of sale, all outstanding amounts (taxes, interest, tax sale expenses and other charges) are paid in full.

The tax sale is in accordance with the municipal government act, part 6 section 134 and will be held in Town of Truro Town Hall – Council Chambers (third floor), 695 Prince St Truro NS, B2N 1G5.

The Town of Truro makes no representations or warranties to any purchaser regarding the fitness, geographical or environmental suitability of the lands or properties offered for sale for any particular use and does not certify the legal title, legal description or boundaries and the lands/properties are sold AS IS. Any zoning concerns should be directed to the appropriate department.


That tax sales do not necessarily clear up defects in title, a tax deed conveys only the interest of the assessed owner, whatever that interest may be. If it is your intention to clear up a defect in title by way of property tax, we recommend you obtain legal advice as to whether or not this can be done.

Payment terms at the tax sale: Cash, certified cheque, debit, bank draft or lawyers trust cheque and not otherwise. The purchaser must pay immediately either the whole bid price, or a deposit equal to the taxes, interest, other lienable charges, sale expenses and HST if applicable with the balance following within three (3) business days of the sale. If the balance is not paid within three business days the property will be re-listed and the previous deposit returned less expenses of the resale after the resale.



 1. Property assessed to Melvin A. Bateman, Account #00336599 64 Park Road, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $6,519.13 Redeemable

2. Property assessed to Belinda Bennicke Rep, Account #00575267 Land 485 Young street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $1,736.09 Redeemable

3. Property assessed to Estate of Alex Clyke, Account #00823953 Land 267 Prince Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $11,870.30 Not Redeemable

4. Property assessed to Michael P. Lesser, Account #00972711 14 Muir Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $13,595.24 Redeemable

5. Property assessed to Darrell Rojeski, Account #01093479 103 Brunswick Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $10,175.27 Redeemable

6. Property assessed to Est. Mabel Gero, Account #01685929 Land 567 Young Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $5,602.06 Not Redeemable

7. Property assessed to Gary S. Robertson, Account #02066548 77 Queen Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $21,819.74 Not Redeemable

8. Property assessed to Smithson Properties, Account #04355121 Land 0000 Brunswick Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $9,019.68 Not Redeemable

9. Property assessed to Kimberley Endendijk, Account #04538498 75 Salter Avenue, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $13,484.97 Not Redeemable

10. Property assessed to Gary S. Robertson, Account #04901975 61 Pleasant Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $7,931.73 Not Redeemable

11. Property assessed to Est. Alfred Shaw, Account #10170079 Land 0000 Lower Truro Road, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $6,265.64 Not Redeemable

12. Property assessed to Dianna M. Robichaud Smith, Account #02954419 111 King Street, Taxes/Interest & expenses: $16,507.45 Redeemable


A full description of each proeprty will be available at the Finance Department, First Floor, 695 Prince Street, Truro, NS. These balances are as of August 6th, 2019 and are subject to change. 

Note, the purchaser will be responsible for all property taxes beginning the day of the sale as well as insurance premiums. Purchasers should be aware that the property may be redeemed within six months of the date of sale by the owner, a person with a mortgage, lien or other charge on the land or a person having an interest in the land by payment of the following:

  1. The sum paid by the purchaser
  2. Interest at a rate of 10% per annum on the total sum paid from the date of sale to the date of redemption
  3. The full amount of any outstanding taxes arising before the tax sale where the purchaser paid less than the amount of outstanding taxes on the land
  4. Taxes levied on the land after the sale and any interest
  5. The fee to record the certificate of discharge
  6. All sums paid by the purchaser for fire insurance
  7. Any amounts paid by the purchaser for necessary repairs made – with written approval from the Town of Truro treasurer, to buildings on the land.

Any repairs made to a redeemable property must be approved in writing by the Town Treasurer. Where a property owes more than six (6) years of arrears, the property cannot be redeemed. Only at the end of the redemption period will the title pass to the successful bidder.

Conflict of interest: Pursuant to section 144 of the Municipal Government Act, Municipal council members and employees are NOT permitted to purchase property at a tax sale, nor are their spouses or companies in which they or their spouses own the majority shares. This includes purchasing the property either directly or indirectly.

If the rules of Section 144 are violated, the council member, employee, spouse or company involved may be subject to serious penalties.

The municipality may bid on a property where no bid for land sufficient to satisfy the full amount of arrears, interest and other charges has been made. Should the municipality bid, they shall follow the same proceedings as all other bidders.

Where no bid is received for a property sufficient to satisfy the full amount owed and the municipality does not purchase the property, the municipality may, without further notice, sell it at auction for the best price or call tenders for the property. Council may direct the treasurer as to what constitutes an acceptable minimum bid or tender price.

A person with an interest in land sold for taxes may apply to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for an order directing the payment of all or part of the surplus balance to that person. Tax Sale Surplus funds can only be withdrawn after an applicable redemption period has expired.


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