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The Town of Truro is determined to ensure that all citizens of Truro enjoy a high quality of life. By working with our residents and businesses in a professional and unbiased approach, we are committed to raising awareness about our Town’s By-Laws and community standards.

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NOTE: Anonymity will be maintained between the complainant and the alleged offender, EXCEPT where necessary in a court of law. Should this complaint proceed to court, you may be required to give evidence as a witness, and your name, address and filed complaint will become a matter of public record. The personal information requested on this form is being collected for the purpose of conducting a By-law Enforcement investigation and may be shared with applicable departments and agencies for the purpose of initiating appropriate action. This information will not otherwise be disclosed unless this complaint proceeds to court as set out above, or unless the Town is required by law to disclose it.

A complaint form can also be completed in person at 695 Prince Street, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Additional Information Related to By-law Complaints

Our objective is to respond within five business days. If a longer period of time has elapsed since the filing of a complaint, please contact Planning and Development Services to ensure the complaint has been properly received.

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