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Art Aquisition Awards

The Town of Truro launched its Art Acquisition Program in 2006 in an effort to create and maintain a collection of visual art which reflects the unique historical and artistic development of Truro. Visual artists - painters, sculptors, carvers, potters, rug hookers, quilters, photographers and others - are invited to submit an application to display their work at a public gallery showing in April of each year.

One artist will have his or her work selected to be added to the Town’s permanent art collection.

Past Winners

  • 2023: "Autumn Reds" by Rob Shaw & "Aurora Borealis" by Ursula Ryle-Gulliver
  • 2022: “Victoria St Beauties” by Sheila Newell & “Checking It Out” by Keith Cheyne
  • 2021: Art Acquisition Cancelled
  • 2020: Art Acquisition Cancelled
  • 2019: "Come Together" by Rob MacCormack and Pamela Sutherland 
  • 2018: "First United Church" by Jen Power
  • 2017: “Moon over Marsh” by Christene Sandeson and “A Canada Story” by Alison Fielding
  • 2016: “Dusk on Esplanade” by Ron Hazell
  • 2015: “Call to Duty” by Janice Stewart and "Mister Stanfield" by Anna Fullerton
  • 2014: “Old Truro Train Station (circa 1928)” by Diane Redden
  • 2013: “Winter Light” by Pamela Swainson
  • 2012: “The First Obstacle” by Jo-Ann Shaw
  • 2011: “View Toward Onslow” by Richard Wenzel
  • 2010: “Willena Beatrice Jones” by Janice Guinan 
  • 2009: “Spring Garden” by Holly Lennox
  • 2008: "Can't You Hear the Whistle Blow" by Lorinda Antonello Regan
  • 2007: "Victoria Park" by Deanna A. Boucher