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The Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) is the principal policy document for Council, providing guidance for decisions on land use and development matters within the Town of Truro. It also serves as a reference manual for citizens, particularly those engaged in residential or commercial development, but also for anyone wanting a more thorough understanding of the policies of Municipal government.

The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) is enabled under the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act and provides direction on all other planning documents that are, or maybe, developed and amended subject to this plan. 

The 2010 Municipal Planning Strategy is one component of the Town of Truro Community Plan, an integrated collection of planning documents that also includes the Community Sustainability Plan. The Community Sustainability Plan sets out a comprehensive vision of sustainable community and suggests a course for its pursuit. The MPS and supporting by-laws present a practical out-working of the principles of sustainability in relation to planning and development.  Hence, within the Community Plan, the MPS is found under the section title:  Planning for Sustainability. 

The Town of Truro is in the process of updating the Community Plan, which includes updating the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use By-Law (LUB). For more information on this process, see Strategic Initiatives (Link)

The Town’s Current Community Sustainability Plan, Municipal Planning Strategy, and Land Use By-law are linked below:

Community Sustainability Plan

Municipal Planning Strategy

Land Use Bylaw