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The Town of Truro has a significant and distinctive collection of 19th and early 20th-century buildings depicting Victorian and vernacular architecture. The Town recognizes the importance of preserving its local character and culture, built heritage and a sense of place are among its top priorities.

Under the Heritage Property Act, Truro has established a Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC), which is one of the earliest committees of its kind in Nova Scotia. Also established are three Heritage Conservation Districts in the historic urban regional core. Within these districts, properties are subject to heritage conservation requirements and measures as contained in the Heritage Conservation District and By-law.

pdf Heritage Conservation District Map (2.32 MB)

To date, Truro has 55 Municipally Registered Heritage Properties, five Provincially Registered [JB1] Heritage Properties, and one National Historic Site. Heritage designation recognizes the value of heritage sites, protecting them from insensitive detriment.

The majority of Truro's historic buildings are located along the main streets. A walking tour is a nice way to enjoy our well-preserved historic townscape.

pdf Heritage Conservation District Plan & By-Law (5.72 MB)

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A walking tour app of some of our heritage homes and buildings.