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property taxes

Property Taxes are used to fund many of our essential services, such as policing and fire services, snow and ice removal, and street, sidewalk and sewer maintenance. Property taxes also fund services that help bring a community together, including recreation centres, libraries, parks, and trails, and much more.

Town Council determines the annual property tax rate during the annual budget approval process. The Property Tax rate is as per $100 of property assessment.

Road Preservation Tax

Each year the condition of the Town's roads deteriorates. Many factors are at play regarding the deterioration of the streets. Nova Scotia's climate is a major factor in the freeze and thaw of roads, as well as the number of motorists utilizing our streets throughout the run of the year.

To preserve Town roads before the deterioration problem becomes too great, Council implemented a Road Preservation Tax. This tax is explicitly used to resurface and protect Town streets that are currently in fair condition to ensure that these streets do not fall into further disrepair. By proceeding in this manner, the Town can focus its capital funds on roads that require major reconstruction while also preventing further deterioration of other Town streets.

It costs 3 to 4 times less to preserve a street by resurfacing it while it's in good or fair condition than performing a full road reconstruction once it's in poor or serious condition. Municipalities throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada share the same concern about aging infrastructure.

Town of Truro Property Tax Rates

 Property TaxRoad Preservation TaxTotal
2023-2024 1.85 4.50 0.0525 0.0475 1.9025 4.5475
2022-2023 1.85 4.50 0.0525 0.0475 1.9025 4.5475
2021-2022 1.85 4.50 0.0525 0.0475 1.9025 4.5475
2020-2021 1.85 4.50 0.0525 0.0475 1.9025 4.5475
2019-2020 1.85 4.50 0.0525 0.0475 1.9025 4.5475
2018-2019 1.83 4.50 0.0425 0.0375 1.8725 4.5375

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my property tax bill?

The Town accepts:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Online Banking (You will need your eight-digit assessment account number for property tax and/or your eight-digit water utility account number.)
  • Credit card (for Tax & Water only through our online provider Plastiq - Town of Truro )

Who receives a property tax bill?

Anyone who owns property in the Town of Truro receives a property tax bill. This includes land (resource), commercial property and residential property.

How is your property tax bill calculated?

Property Taxes are calculated by multiplying the property assessment value by the municipal property tax rate and dividing by 100. Property assessment value is determined by Property Valuation Services Corporation.

How do properties become available through a tax sale? 

As per the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act, the legislation that governs municipalities, tax sale proceedings may begin if property taxes are outstanding for more than one year. Interest accrues on your property tax account at a rate of 15% per annum. Payment arrangements can be made by contacting the finance department at 902-895-8011.

How do I appeal my property taxes?

Properties are assessed by Property Valuation Services Corporation. Please contact Property Valuation Services Corporation to appeal your property's assessment. 

Do I have to pay my tax bill even if I am appealing my assessment?

Your property tax bill must be paid even when an assessment appeal has been filed. Interest will accrue at 15% per annum if payment is not received. Any overpayment as a result of an appeal decision will be refunded once notification has been received by the Town of Truro from Property Valuation Services Corporation.